Kim Kardashian Looks Like A Vienna Sausage (Celebrity Fashion Week Roast Fall 2022)

Celebrity in Fashion

When fashion weeks come through the major European capital cities, celebrities flock to attend the fashion shows of the most famous brands. But just because they are attending the shows doesn’t mean for a second that they are dressed well. Julia Fox and Kim Kardashian squared off during Milan Fashion Week, while Tik Tokers and Youtubers like Charli D’Amelio & Emma Chamberlain also made more commercial marks on the fashion week circuit. Euphoria stars like Alexa Demie in Balenciaga, Maude Apatow in Saint Laurent, & Zendaya in Valentino also helped pump up the celebrity outings too. Rihanna continued to performer her masterclass in maternity dressing at Off-White, Dior, and Gucci and Blackpink stars Jennie Kim and Jisoo made their way to represent the K-Pop set as well.

Credit HauteLeMode

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